the manifesto of furkan şener design office

1. we build our entire structure on the definition of design.
"Design is reaching the most accurate solution in the shortest time.” In doing so, all instruments and channels that are or can be used in communication are our tools.

 2. we are not artists, but designers.
We work for the message to be understood in the same way by the target audience. 
We certainly do not aim for each audience to feel a different emotion or receive a different message. From this point of view, our work is truly industrial, even mechanical.

3. we make our own way.
With the design style we have developed by adopting the Rock'n'Roll culture, we strongly avoid doing what has been done many times before, and we act with the motto 
"This is how we do it", not "This is how we do it, too".

 4. we do not speak by rote.
We do not present the concepts of "idea" and "creativity", which should already presented in the whole process due to the nature of design, as if we are doing it for the first time. 
These two concepts are already inherent in everything we do, naturally.

5. we think analytically.
We know that design should be based on mathematical data as much as its infinity, 
and we develop every work on analytical foundations.

 6. we are open to necessary comments and closed to unnecessary comments.
If there is satisfaction between us and our customers, 
we do not need another person or medium to approve or applaud that work.

7. we are innovative.
We are open to innovation and curious enough to destroy and rebuild even our manifesto that we have created over years of experience, and brave enough to carry out this destruction with our own hands.

8. we know what we do.
We are Furkan Şener Design Office.