london - ankara

We are Furkan Şener Design Office.
We have a different culture from the other known agencies.
We do not prefer to use the word "agency" when describing ourselves.
Because we are a team moving forward with a design culture, adopting each brand as its own and offering solutions that are not standard, but suiting the needs, not getting lost in clichés, and always proceeding with special designs.
Our founder is Furkan Şener, who has 19 years of experience in the sector.
He is a designer who has accomplished many successful works not only in the country but also abroad.
Although he has been the owner of the company since 2018 with a team of 10 people, he is still a valuable part of the design team.
What has Furkan Şener achieved?
He collaborated with Wetransfer.
He designed a special deck for Art of Play, which produces only designer playing cards in America.
He created a special signature series for Mavi Jeans.
By designing 100 typographic compositions of Mevlana's 100 sayings;
he brought Turkey's first typography book to life. He drew attention on national television.
"So what is Furkan Şener Design Office doing right now?"
We are preparing to launch a special project which will be located in 60 points of Ankara very soon.
In a nutshell,
We are a design office which managed to reach from Ankara to Istanbul, 
from Istanbul to America, and now even to England.
If you would like to go on a pleasant journey with us, 
we would like to meet you and we'd be very happy to talk about what we can do together.
Let's rock!